Dental Treatments

Treatment Procedure



Your first visit with us is free of charge. We will take your data and make a thorough dental check-up. The reason for your visit and your needs are our first priority.



If necessary for your treatment, an X-ray may be done. Subsequently, depending on the situation of your teeth, the X-ray analysis, and what you desire to have, we will make a plan. If several possibilities can be made, we will make an estimate and discuss it on a second appointment.



Once you choose which possibility you want, you can then decide when to start the treatment.




Our Prices



For every challenge there are several solutions. At German Dental Clinic you will find a variety of treatment possibilities of modern dentistry, which are standard in Germany and in most areas of Europe.



Because of the many contrasting techniques and country´s specific legal requirements, medical and dental treatments are approached with different methods across Europe. Above all, the final treatment´s result depends on the technical and artistic skills and the professional experience of the dentist and the lab technician.



Here at German Dental Clinic, we place great emphasis on precision and aesthetics. We only work with a German master laboratory and German dental technology.



Our quality and related high standards cannot be compared with the work of laboratories that are staffed by dental technicians who perform in record time to constantly undercut each other´s prices.



The material and laboratory costs are included in our prices and you will not be charged extra. Therefore, the prices are final and have no additional hidden costs.







We will offer a bill for each treatment performed on the same day.



For longer treatments, the payment can be made in three times:


  • The first payment will be made at the start of the treatment and will be 40% of the total price.


  • The second payment will be in the middle of treatment after testing the fit and will be 30%.


  • The third payment will be the remaining 30% and should be paid before completion.



 Accepted Payment Methods:


  • Visa and Mastercard


  • Prepayment by bank transfer


  • Cash payment





Through the association with our bank, we can offer 100% finance for up to 60 months. Furthermore, our bank can finance up to 12 months for free. Please contact us for further information.


*The terms and conditions depend on the bank we work with.



Material and Warranty



All the materials that we use are utilized for dental practice and are of the highest quality. 



We use the CE brand. This is a mandatory conformity marking for products placed on the market in the European Economic Area (EEA). With the CE marking on a product, the manufacturer declares that the product conforms with the essential requirements of the applicable EC directives. 



The processing of these materials are carried out according to the specifications of each manufacturer, both in the clinic and in our hired laboratories.



We offer a 2 year warranty on all kinds of prosthetics (crowns, bridges, dentures ...) and fillings. This warranty does not include surgical treatments or root canals since these depend heavily on the dental anatomy, the body's own healing response, and the pre-existing conditions and habits (oral hygiene, smoking or alcoholism).



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