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Depending on the teeth's destruction or the number of missing teeth, you will have one or more of the following options:


Dental crowns are one-piece structures that cover the teeth. They replace the tooth´s enamel for porcelain or other materials. When the tooth is broken, the crown is placed to protect it from fractures and/or also for a better aesthetic.

The crowns are made of metal-ceramic (thin metal film on the inside and ceramic on the outside) or full-ceramic (very aesthetic and especially indicated for the front teeth).

In order to place the crown, it is necessary to reduce and scrape the tooth in a conical shape to allow the insertion of the crown. After this, we make an impression, choose the color, and send it all to the laboratory so they can make the crown. On the second appointment (a week later), we will insert the crown with permanent cement.

Dental crowns


Dental bridges are structures of crowns connected to an artificial tooth that replaces missing teeth, using the remaining teeth as pillars to connect the bridge. This requires that the adjacent teeth are healthy and strong enough. This will be ensured by making an X-ray previously.

The procedure is the same as the one of a single crown. We scrape the teeth and make an impression that will be sent to the laboratory so they can manufacture the bridge with the desired color. Bridges can be made of metal-ceramic (indicated for the back teeth) or entirely of ceramic (for the front teeth).

Dental Bridge


The removable denture (prosthesis) is a treatment that replaces missing teeth and bone structures that have diminished over the time after the loss of natural teeth. This consists of a dental device with artificial teeth. With it your chewing, aesthetics, and speech will improve so that you can enjoy life normally.

There are many types of dentures you can obtain. We will be happy to tell you which one best suits your needs. Here is a list of some possible options:

  • Full denture
  • Temporary denture
  • Metal base denture
  • Telescopic denture
  • Prosthesis with attachments
  • Prosthesis with implants
Metal-base Denture

Telescopic Prosthesis

This one is the best option when using a removable denture. Its main advantage is its good and stable fit. The palate is mostly free and there are no clamps in sight.

We scrape down the present teeth and apply a gold cover made in the perfect shape and size of the tooth. The prosthesis will have gold plated holes that will fit perfectly onto your teeth. Once the prosthesis is placed, the golden crowns remain under the prosthesis and cannot be seen. The prosthesis must be removed every day for cleaning.

Telescopic Denture


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